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Constitution and By-Laws

Club Constitution & By-Laws

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Screening, Harassment, Discipline & Dispute Resolution (SHDDR)

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SHDDR Policies and Procedures

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Screening Policy

Animal Control

For the fields the Bracebridge Soccer Club is permitted to use to offer soccer activities during the outdoor season, there are no dogs permitted on the soccer fields.

Bracebridge Soccer Club thanks you for understanding to help support a safe playing environment for all participants.

Hot Weather

In the event of hot weather, all participants are to be well-hydrated.  All participants should bring a water bottle to soccer sessions.  Water should be taken at regularly scheduled breaks or intervals.

Any individual that becomes fatigued, dizzy, nauseous or has a headache during exercise in the heat is to stop participating immediately, rest and drink fluids.  Medical attention is to be sought if symptoms persist.

Inclement Weather – Indoor Soccer Programs

When school buses are cancelled by the school board, access to indoor gyms permitted by the Board are automatically cancelled.

When the club is notified of a gym cancellation, all registrants are informed by e-mail, an update is posted on the website at and a community announcement is released on the Moose 99.5 FM.

Inclement Weather – Outdoor Development & Representative Teams

Referees at games for representative and development teams will determine whether games are played due to inclement weather or unplayable field conditions.

Inclement Weather –  Outdoor “FUN” Program

Soccer is played rain or shine, except when their is thunder and/or lightning – “when the thunder roars, go indoors.”

If field conditions are determined to be unplayable, the club will make every effort to contact all registrants through coaches, e-mail and local radio.

Registered Players

Only fully registered players to the Bracebridge Soccer Club are allowed to participate in soccer programs that are offered during the indoor or outdoor season.


The Club’s Refund policy is posted on the Registration page.


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